Welcome to Challe Pro

Welcome to Challe Pro, a trusted distributor of medical and laboratory supplies, and a provider of professional engineering consultancy .

Engineering consultancy

We are providing a specialized expertise in project management and environmental engineering

Project Management

At Challe Pro, we specialize in managing  projects with precision and expertise. Our team ensures successful project outcomes, adhering to strict timelines and maintaining unwavering quality standards. Explore our notable construction projects here.

Research Center and Academic Projects

For laboratories and healthcare centers , Challe Pro provides comprehensive and innovative project management solutions. Discover our collaborations with research centers and academic institutions.

Environmental Engineering Solutions

Our commitment to sustainability is reflected in our environmental engineering projects. Challe Pro excels in ensuring compliance, green practices, and impactful solutions. Learn more about our environmental engineering endeavors.

Commercial Distribution: Medical and Lab Supplies

As a trusted distributor, Challe Pro provides top-notch medical and lab supplies. Explore our range of products here, ensuring that your facilities are equipped with the best tools for success.



We understand the importance of reliable tools in healthcare, research, and academia, and we’re here to empower your work with a curated selection of top-quality products.


We are driven by a steadfast commitment to advancing medical research and enhancing healthcare through innovative products. Our values are the foundation of everything we do, shaping our approach to discovery, development, and service.



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